Paprika: Another sprinkle of comfort food at the Fort

As comforting as Macaroni and Cheese is, nothing beats–for us Filipinos at least–a huge of bowl of rice, topped with the fattiest and most flavorful of ulams. Paprikaat the Fort, gives us the best of both worlds, mixing universal comfort food classics like burgers and ribs with modern takes on adobo and pares. It might be hard to believe that a plate full of sarsa is a better pick-me-upper than Shepherd’s Pie but why not? Filipinos are known to be the most hospitable right?

 Now before we give you all the deets, we’re going to go ahead and ask for pats on or backs. You’ll love the joint’s brick walls and stocked up shelves that all scream “casual cool”, but since it’s tucked away in an office building, you may have already passed by it and didn’t even notice. We’re letting you know right now; it should not be missed. But don’t worry, you can thank us later.

Bacon Onion Marmalade Bruschetta, PHP 165

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