Geo Verification Tutorial 5

This is an activity we did for class. We were tasked to verify photos and videos from social media and explain how we did it. Below, is a rundown of what I did.

1. Photo:

Location: Central Government Offices, Hong Kong

hk strike

  • I found this by first searching for the hashtags on the caption: #studentstrike #hongkong #admiralty
  • It led me to articles saying that the 2014 student strike happened near the Tamar Park and outside the Central Government Building
  • I used those locations and searched for them on Google Earth
  • From the photo, it looked like the protesters were sitting on steps inside a circular area
  • The aerial view allowed me to find the exact location based on those characteristics

2. Video:

Location: Hospital del Salvador, Iquique, Chile

hospital del salvador

  • Googled “earthquake” “tsunami” and “April 3 2014”
  • Results showed that the earthquake happened in Chile
  • One of the hashtags (and an news article) revealed that it was in the city of Iquique
  • I checked other photos of the person who posted the video and it showed that the building on the video is a hospital
  • I googled “Hospital” “earthquake” “Iquique” and “Chile” and and found this article:
  • There is a comment on the article that has a better view of the hospital the reveals the entire name: “Hospital del Salvador”
  • I googled the name and found it on Google Earth

3. Video:

Location: Ankara Arena, Ankara, Turkey

ankara arena

  • Used Google Translate to translate the caption. It translated to “peace rally explosion”
  • I googled this and found that it happened in Ankara, Turkey
  • I noticed that there’s an arena behind the group of people so I searched “Ankara Arena”
  • I quickly found the location of the arena. I was able to verify that it’s the same arena because photos revealed a similar facade

4. UGC Post:

(Posted to the Huffington Post Facebook Page)



Date: Uploaded on August 17, 2016 but the video says the video was taken on July 30, 2016

Location: Wrentham, Massachusetts


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